My Top 3 principles for training success

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I get asked the “What are the best” question quite a lot.  “What are the best exercises for legs?” “What is the best way for me to lose bodyfat?” What are the best machines for cardio?”.  These are reasonable enough questions, and as an exercise expert, I’ve got to expect to be asked those sorts of questions.  But sometimes, in fact most times, there is no such thing or easy response as “the best”. 
Everybody’s body responds differently, we are all built a different way, so you can bet your last dollar, that if I put two different people on the same program, and they both want the same outcome, I will get two quite different responses.  Often vastly different responses.  This is because the human body doesn’t always respond as we think it should and exercise prescription is not an exact science.
However, what I have learned over the years, is that there are a number of training principles, rules, or non-negotiable behaviours that are commonplace amongst people that DO get results, people that DO change. 
Here are those 3 principles, follow these and you substantially improve your chances of success.
1.  INTENSITY – People who get results train with intensity, they push themselves, they “get uncomfortable”, and they do this pretty much everytime they train.  Whilst the Human Body is a pretty amazing organism, it is also a lazy one.  Especially when it comes to adaptation.  If you desire to change your body, you must force it to do so, you must train with intensity.  Don’t rest too long between sets and get your Heart rate up when you’re doing your cardio, just push that little bit harder.
2.  CONSISTENCY – Successful trainers train often, and they rarely miss a session.  They find a reason to train, rather than a reason not to train.  They factor it in to their day, they get organised, they don’t let obstacles get in their way, simply. they just get it done!  Change will come for everyone, but you have to give your body a chance to change, you have to give it regular exposure to the right type of exercise, for your goals, for your age, for your abilities……ALL THE TIME.
3.  SPECIFICITY – Simply, this means train for what you want.  If you want to improve your fitness, then run, or bike, row, swim, use the stepper or any other device that gets your Heart Rate up for an extended period of time, and push it!  If you want to lose weight, then pay serious attention to what you eat, clean up your act and stick to a plan.  If muscle mass increase and strength is what you are after, lift weights, 2-4 times per week and yes, lift heavy.  Cyclists cycle, runners run, weightlifters lift weights.  Its pretty simple.  In addition, train relative to your age, injury history, recovery abilities and training background.  As a general rule, as we get older, we can still train hard, we can still push our limits, we just cant do it as often and for as long as we did in our glory days.
So if results are what you are after, and lets face it, everyone wants results, then review your training plan and your training approach, and ask yourself if you are ticking those 3 very important boxes

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