“Ky’s Diabetes Disaster….Amongst the Fattest in the whole country”

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This weeks FREE PRESS front page headline reads……

“Ky’s Diabetes Disaster….Amongst the Fattest in the whole country”


My emotions when I read this.

Surprised? (Not at all)
Disappointed (Yes)
Angry (Somewhat)
Frustrated (Very)


NOT SURPRISED -Every day I walk down the street and see evidence of why so many Kyabram people suffer from this PREVENTABLE disease. Overweight, unfit, immobile people everywhere. I even see it in my own gym, but thankfully those people are doing something about it, and we will support them through education, programming and advice all the way.


DISAPPOINTED (Yes) Still people ignore the reality of their own health situation. They tell themselves stories and lie to themselves to justify their behaviour. They make empty promises that they will start their “healthier eating and exercise program” soon. Soon never comes. Over the past few months we have battled against way too many people cancelling their gym memberships. (no time, no motivation, the gyms “not working” for me). So by default, does that mean you have the time to get a disease? to potentially shorten your life? and possibly result in amputations of limbs and other horrible complications.

No motivation (they say) – Motivation is a short term emotion. Don’t wait to be motivated. GET MOTIVATED. It’s a state of mind. It’s something you must do for yourself. Take responsibility for yourself people. Don’t wait around for a cheer squad to shout your name and yell “YOU CAN DO IT”


ANGRY – I’m angry because over the past 4 years I have created a solution to this problem. 2 gyms, experts in Exercise Science, Personal Training, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, Pilates Trainers, Group Exercise Instructors, Swim Instructors, Motivational Speakers……and on it goes. This town is superbly serviced by both facility and knowledge. I’m angry because people still choose to ignore expert advice and whinge that “the gym is not working” whilst I see them down the street eating donuts, cakes, soft drink and other high sugar items. Getting fit, losing weight will not happen by accident. You must train, you must eat correctly, you must be disciplined and you must be honest with yourself. 

You cannot have your cake and eat it too! And yes, you have to get uncomfortable.


FRUSTRATED – I’m frustrated because I see so many people start and stop after 4 weeks “cause nothing is changing” You cant undo 20 years of abuse and poor diet in 4 weeks. I can’t work miracles! I’m frustrated because people continue to make bullshit excuses, when in reality the reason they are in poor shape and poor health is because of their own poor choices. Again, take responsibility. I’m frustrated because people cancel and say “I cant afford it”.


Gym membership – $2 per day
Minimum Chips – $3
Donut – $3
Can of Coke – $3


Can you afford to contract a life threatening disease? Can you afford to lose a limb? Can you afford to not be able to work?

Is a gym membership really too expensive?


I know this post will be going out to people who are already gym members and are already doing something positive for their health. Well done, keep going! Please share this with someone you know who is NOT exercising, who is NOT eating properly, who is overweight, unfit, and on the road to diabetes disaster.


Share this with someone who needs to hear the cold hard truth.

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