If you change nothing, nothing will change

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I want to briefly discuss the topic of change, specifically with regards to changing bad habits and replacing them with good ones.
There’s a well used saying which goes like this “If you change nothing, nothing will change”.  So true, but yet I see our members in the gym doing the same workout, the same way, at the same intensity, using the same reps, at the same time and……they still look the same.  Now, if you are happy and content with where you are at, carry on and you can stop reading right now.
However, if I were to ask you “Do you want more?” “Do you want to be fitter, stronger, leaner, better?” Most people would say yes, absolutely yes.
For these changes to occur, you need to perhaps / probably change your approach.  So ask yourself the following questions and then make the changes that you need.
1.  Do I train often enough?
2.  Do I train hard enough?
3.  Do I train the right way to achieve my goals? 
4.  Do I eat correctly in order to give my body the best chance to change?
5.  Do I overtrain or undertrain?
6.  Do I really want to do all that I need to do in order to change?  Are my behaviours and actions consistent with the changes that I want to make.
If you answered NO to 2 or 3 or more of these, then, my friends, you need to change.

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