Happy New Year

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Happy New Year Infinitarians, hope 2017 turns out to be everything you want it to be.
The New Year bring lots of optimism and renewed enthusiasm, and that’t great, its often the time of year when we set our goals and plan out our projects (personal, financial, health, work) for the year ahead.
I’m all for goals and projects, but as we all know, too often we start off the year chasing these at a frantic speed, by January we have reduced our vigor somewhat, by the end of February we are back to walking pace and by late March they are a distant memory.
So, if you have health and training goals that you want to achieve, please DON’T be “one of those people”.  By this I mean a person who “talks a big game” but never produces the result they say they will.  Instead be a “do-er”, the one who sees it through to the end, the person who makes no noise, but just quietly goes about their business of training, eating right, staying focused and not stopping or giving up until they succeed.
Be the quiet achiever.
Here are some of the key rules to follow that will set you up for success rather than failure.
1.  Be realistic in your goals.  Sure, challenge yourself, but don’t kid yourself that you will lose 4 kg’s in the first week of training.
2.  Be patient.  You will need to train and eat perfectly for 4-6 weeks before you see or feel any significant change.  The body will change, but you need to give it time to do so.
3.  Train hard.  Go into the gym with intent, train with purpose, be focused for the entire time you are working out, and please, please, put your phone aside whilst you train.
4.  No deviation from the plan.  Say the course, don’t get frustrated, don’t become deflated, don’t expect to wake up and feel “motivated” every day.  Change takes time, but nothing worthwhile ever happens without dedication, commitment and sacrifice.
5.  Be honest with yourself.  If you want to lose weight you need to stop eating rubbish.  You will need to give up certain foods, maybe forever, just remember your health is more important than immediate satisfaction and worth the sacrifices that you will need to make.
6.  Never give up.  Progress, not perfection.  You only fail when you stop trying.

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