Focus v Motivation

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In this blog post I want to address more about the mind, and a little less about the body.  What I have come to realise over my time in the Fitness Industry is that your mindset and attitude towards achieving physical change (fitter, stronger, lighter, leaner, more muscle) will dictate heavily your chances of success and degree of change that you are able to create.
That is, if you get “your head right, your body will follow”.  And this is the very reason why I worry about people who rely on “motivation” and being “in the zone” in order to create a physical change to their lives.
To put it even more bluntly, if you need to constantly feel motivated in order to train, in order to change, in order to lose weight – you are destined to fail!  I can almost guarantee that.  And this is because motivation is an emotion, it’s a transient feeling, it comes and goes.  No one is constantly motivated.  No one is that perfect.  So if you only train when you are motivated, by default that means that you will be missing a lot of sessions whilst to wait for that feeling to return.  Missing sessions doesn’t create change.  Making sessions does.
So I prefer to use the term focus or even better commitment.  Focus and commitment is more about a decision, a plan and the change in human behaviour that must exist for true, long term, life long change to occur.  If we are focused we are thinking consciously and carefully about what we must do to achieve our goals, rather than what we feel like doing.  If we are committed, we have made decisions, we have created a plan and we are much more likely to see if through, because a committed person implements the actions and behaviours to achieve their goal.
There are 5 or so very common excuses that people use when they try to rationalise why they aren’t going to the gym.  Here’s 2 of the most common, and then read my response to these!
Excuse Number 1 – I haven’t got time.
Response – Who has?  We are all busy, we all have commitments, we can always find something else to do.  So, it becomes about commitment.  Priorities.  Desire. Willingness to change.  If you want something bad enough you will make time, you will find the time.  You will train at home, on the weekend, in the lounge room, on holidays, at 5:00am before the kids get up, before anyone gets up!  If you expect a sympathetic ear from me when you say, “I just don’t have time”  think again.  Think about how much time we can waste watching TV, surfing social media, texting, generally wasting our precious time.  Eliminate this and you have plenty of time to train.
Excuse Number 2 – I’m not feeling motivated at the moment.
Don’t wait to feel motivated.  Just train anyway.  Often training will make us feel better anyway, doing a session creates that much needed momentum.  We will be much more likely to feel positive towards our training plan and progress forwards.  And after a while, you won’t need to rely on feeling motivated in order to get your work done.  Learn to train regardless, learn to train because you want to, not because you have to.  It needs to become a “normal” non negotiable behaviour.  Like brushing your teeth, we just do it.
So in summary, get focused and stay focused.  It will serve you much better than being motivated!

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