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Add weight to lose weight!!

This weeks article has a heavy emphasis, not of the serious and deep thinking kind, but of the weight training and strength training kind. Many …

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Lets deal with some realities

As a person who has been around the “fitness scene” for many years, I have come to realise that there are some obvious repeated patterns …

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Conversations I have….

As you could imagine owning a gym, I have a lot of conversations everyday with people about “their” fitness program, their goals, their struggles, their …

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Does it really count?

3 more, 2 more, last 1. How many times when we are in the gym do we hear this?  Plenty! All the time?  Maybe you even …

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A short history lesson…

I’ve been in and around the fitness industry as a gym instructor, gym member, trainer, educator, manager and owner since 1987!  In that time I …

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Training Intensity

What does it mean?  Well, it’s not about going as hard as you can all the time, its more about training at the right level …

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“The Medical Jungle”

Given that we operate a gym and are in the business of getting and keeping people healthy and well, I thought I would try and …

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It’s still all about you

Well, finally, Infinity High Performance is up and running and what a task that was!  We’re glad to have all that work behind us, and …

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