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It’s not too late to start, but it nearly is!

I’ve seen the same trend for close to 30 years.  The weather warms up, the sun peeks through, and almost on cue, people start to …

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“Ky’s Diabetes Disaster….Amongst the Fattest in the whole country”

This weeks FREE PRESS front page headline reads…… “Ky’s Diabetes Disaster….Amongst the Fattest in the whole country”   My emotions when I read this. Surprised? …

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I’m talking to YOU – Girls!!

In one of my past blogs, I wrote specifically to the over 40 male, and gave some information around the best way to train and …

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But wait old timers, there is still hope….

This weeks topic focuses on males aged over the age of 40. Now, there are some basic exercise principles that everyone needs to apply when they are …

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The Culture of Infinity

Isn’t it interesting why some football teams, cricket teams, and netball teams are very successful and others aren’t, despite their best endeavours, season after torrid …

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A time to reflect…

As we draw close to the end of 2015, many people use this time as a point in their year to reflect upon all the …

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Behavioural Change

In this blog I’m going to talk about behavioural change.  Not the type we try to impress upon our children when they act up or …

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Training for Lean Muscle Gains

I want to talk about the topic of adding lean muscle to your body.  Ok, so not everyone has a goal of adding lean muscle …

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