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What I’ve learnt about the Fitness Industry in 2017

So I’ve been working in or around the Fitness Industry since the late 80’s. Yes, I was around and training in the days when there …

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Momentum – “the impetus gained by a moving object”.

Whilst this is the literal definition of momentum, I talk about it in a slightly different manner when it comes to health and fitness. For me, …

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Progress not Perfection

Patience!   Such an important word, but one I feel is quickly disappearing from our vocabulary, and more importantly, our skill set!  We don’t seem to be …

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Focus v Motivation

In this blog post I want to address more about the mind, and a little less about the body.  What I have come to realise over …

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Are you a male aged 16-40?

Hi Infinitarians, answer these questions for me…. 1.  Are you a male aged 16-40 2.  Are you trying to get stronger? 3.  Are you trying to add lean …

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Infinitarians, hope 2017 turns out to be everything you want it to be. The New Year bring lots of optimism and renewed enthusiasm, …

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My Top 3 principles for training success

I get asked the “What are the best” question quite a lot.  “What are the best exercises for legs?” “What is the best way for …

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If you change nothing, nothing will change

I want to briefly discuss the topic of change, specifically with regards to changing bad habits and replacing them with good ones. There’s a well used …

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