The following are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for then please contact us.


Do you have staff on site ?

Yes, we have fully qualified staff on site during the following hours:

8am – 12pm & 1pm – 7pm Monday to Friday.

Is my membership a contract and am I locked in ?

No.  You can cancel your membership at any stage.  Just return your key and card and sign the cancellation forms and you’re are free to go.  No hidden T’s and C’s

Do I get a Fitness Assessment ?

Yes. All full members get a 1hr fitness assessment, program and program show-through as part of their membership privileges.

How much is my membership price ?

All of this will be explained at time of joining, and we will explain clearly our Direct Debit procedures, how much and when that money is withdrawn from your account.

Do I get classes in my membership or just gym ?

Yes, your membership includes access to all classes, 24/7 gym, plus initial fitness assessment and program, and pool access (when available).  It doesn’t include access to Pilates, this is a separate membership.

Can I book into classes online ?

Yes, you can do this by finding your class and booking in via the website, or you can use our Infinity Health Club App (download off the App Store, for Apple or Google Play Store for Android).  It’s a FREE download, easy to use, and you can manage all your bookings, scheduling and cancellation from that App.

Let’s train!
Click on our Bookings Link and choose your class.
Simply book in to the class and time that works for you.

Members can download the Infinity Health Club App (FREE) and book directly from their phone. You can also manage all your appointments and classes through this App.